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Meet the 2019 Major Peewee Rep Kanata Cubs

2019 Major Peewee Rep Cubs

Updated Friday April 19, 2019 by Kanata Baseball Association.

Meet the 2019 Major Peewee Cubs

#55 – Abraham Barron

You will often find the calm, cool, and collected Abraham behind the plate or on the mound.  AB has played for the Cubs for 4 years at the rep level. His strengths include his focus and gameday preparation.  Like his favourite player in the majors, Russell Martin, he loves to be behind the plate calling a game as a catcher.  AB's off-field training will prove to be an asset in his development this year. Opponents will need to fear the sweet swinging, switch hitting AB as he is looking to be winning games and hitting dingers!

Nickname: AB

#17 – Connor Wilson

The word fear never comes across Connor’s mind.  The word quiet never crosses the coaches mind either.  Connor is the epitome of what a utility player is. Coaches can trust Connor to play any position from catcher, to pitcher, to shortstop, to outfield. He brings a great spirit to the game and always looks to put on a show for his teammates. Connor has played for the Rep Cubs for 4 years. He is coming into the 2019 season with even bigger feet but plans to put that best foot forward. Connor has become Coach Russ' country music consultant over the course of the past few years and enjoys walking the line like Johnny Cash!

Nickname: Conman or Wilson

#12 – Kyle Milinazzo

Now that Kyle is off the basketball court, his focus has turned to the diamond. Kyle has been a solid outfielder for the past 2 seasons for the Cubs. Don’t let his “flow” fool you; he isn’t just about his hair (even though it always has to look good under his hat), he is about shagging fly balls and throwing out runners. You can always see Kyle smiling in the dugout cracking jokes and looking for a laugh, all too often it being an "old" joke at Coach Jim's expense.

Nickname: Zo

#11 – Thomas Mullins

Thomas comes into the 2019 season after working hard in the off-season in many areas of the game.  Thomas has been a solid staple behind the plate and is looking to expand on that in the 2019 season and instead of calling pitches he wants to head to the mound to make the pitches.  Often the dirtiest player after a game, coaches know he has given a top notch effort. Thomas lives up to his former walk up music with the lyrics “Its time to play the game!”

Nickname: Pigpen / Laces / Tank

#31 – Mason Kemp

Mason is a newcomer to the Kanata Cubs Rep team.  Mason is a leader on and off the field. He is coming off Winter Season of throwing rocks on the curling rink to throwing strikes on the mound.  Mason is always up for a challenge. You might see Mason off-roading with his Dad on the way to practice through the mud!

Nickname: Faceman

#8 – Cameron Goldie

Cameron is never at a loss for words - or hits! Cameron is the Vlady Guerrero of the Cubs seemingly able to hit the ball regardless of where it's pitched.  Cameron is often camped out at 1st base ready to pick off base runners or try the old hidden ball trick! Cameron's happy and fun attitude helps keep everyone entertained.

Nickname: Goldie, Goose

#45 – Coleman Sly

Coleman has a distinguished track record of making coaches hearts race - witness the number of rundowns proudly displayed on his base running resume. The Sly Guy is not only a threat on the base-paths but also in the field. Coleman is easily identifiable by the red flash of hair dashing around the bases.

Nickname: The Sly Guy / Sly / Dewey

#34 – Owen Perry

This quiet and strong player comes to the diamond every day ready to work.  OP is coming into his 4th season as a member of the Rep Cubs. Owen will look to continue to be that rock for the Cubs either behind the plate, on the mound, or in the field. Owen is a model of consistency on the mound and he may not say much but he is looked up to through his leading by example.

Nickname: OP / Big Papi

#4 – Jacob Sherwin

Fireballer!  Most folks would sum up Jacob in that single word.  Jacob's determination on the mound should continue to allow him to once again dominate the opposition. You might hear him called Jake the Snake by a coach but by no means will he be slithering his way around a base-path, with those long legs he is a threat to steal every time he is on base.

Nickname: Sherwin

#97 – Hunter McKnight

Hunter is a two sport athlete. We are fortunate that baseball is one of them.  Hunter enters his 3rd season as a member of the Cubs and he comes to the diamond ready to dominate.  After hitting his first career out of the park home-run last year, Hunter is coming into the 2019 season even more leaner and meaner than ever and with that the promise of even more taters.  Hunter not only possesses that power at the plate but also on the mound as he has learned to strike out batters with that powerful arm. Maybe he is our resident Popeye as we know he is always eating his spinach.

Nickname: Pretty / McKnight

#74 – Owen Lang

One of the most creative and popular players on the team, Owen comes into the 2019 season as a sophomore looking to follow up a very successful rookie campaign with the Cubs. Last season, Owen solidified himself into the second base job making highlight reel catches and some not really needed dives to give himself the name the O-Show! One thing that you cannot deny is the ticker! Owen has created the ticker pitch and just ask Owen… “Actually… it's lethal bud”.

Nickname: “O” / O-Show

#13 – Aidan Lichty

The always composed Aidan is an amazing utility player with the ability to move from 1st, to behind the plate, to the mound, to shortstop.  Aidan is entering his 4th season with the Cubs and can be counted on for his sure handed defence at shortstop. He may be on the basketball court in the off-season but during the summer he is on the diamond making gems.

Nickname: Lichty

#91 – Scot Melvin

Scot is entering his second season as a Cub and a welcome addition to this years squad. He is a versatile player with a strong arm and a solid bat.  There is no doubt his Dad is happy that Scot is playing for the blue and red of the Cubs. Scot has a love of hockey but baseball is a passion that is quickly growing within his heart.  Scot has worked hard in the off-season on his swing as he plans to dominate the diamond.

Nickname: Scotty

Assistant Coach: #30 – David Barron

David has progressed from the painting life to new ventures and now the only thing he is painting is lines on the diamond. David is heading into his 3rd year as an assistant coach and is focused on helping these players develop and grow not only as players but also as young men.

Assistant Coach: #27 – Jim Bonner

Jim once again will take the pitching staff under his wing. Expectations this year include: low team era, development throughout the pitching staff in addition to lots of laughs.

Head Coach: #44 - Dan Goldie

The buck stops with Dan Goldie!  Dan has been a Head Coach for 4 years for the Cubs and has had a great amount of success with his teams.  Dan is extremely dedicated and hopes for another fun, exciting and successful season with this team.

Head Coach: #18 - Russ Mullins

Russ comes into his 3rd season as a head coach for the Cubs.  He is looking to share his passion and dedication for the game with the players and have a truly memorable season of baseball in 2019.

Manager - Cheryl Goldie

The David Copperfield behind the scenes making things happen! Cheryl is treasurer, organizer, uniform manager, and so much more. Especially keeping the coaches in check!

Team Theme: Our players came up with their theme for the season. A reminder why they play. A reminder what they play for. More importantly to them… Who they play for. The team theme for the 2019 season is “For the Boys!

2019 Player Season Goals Include;

  • Hit home-runs

  • Go undefeated

  • Win a tournament

  • Make Provincials

  • Win Provincials

  • Have a ton of fun

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